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On a slightly overcast sky with streaks of sunlight shining through I rounded the turn on the eastern side of Burntside Lake. As I looked out over the tannin-colored water and through the tall pines, I remember saying to myself this had to be one of the most beautiful lakes I had ever seen.

Discovering The Camp..

After a long boating swing around the south shore of Burntside Lake. following the shoreline west and a rounded-point, there appeared a dock with a massive boathouse.

I will never forget the feeling of docking the boat and entering into this quiet, old logging-type world. What was this placeanyway?

A short tour and hike around the woods, a peak at several of the cabins, the relaxed feeling,the smiles and friendly greetings. I knew right away. This place had a very special chemistry.

After so many absolutely wonderful years of coming up to Camp van Vac with the kids, all now grown, I am still at somewhat of a loss as to how really to describe it. Not that I donĀ¹t know exactly what Camp van Vac is. I do! We all do!

I suspect that for most of us, Camp van Vac, because of its unique chemistry, is a place you understand immediately. And it just gets sweeter all the time.

A definition..

It's the ambiance, which still remains, of the original rustic camp.

It's Nancy's personal chemistry and her continuing stewardship of the place, which enables its unique chemistry to prevail.

It's the unique personal chemistry of all those friends that discover this idyllic camp and come back to it year after year.

It's the cabins that have captured, endured and release every year their unique chemistry.
It's how you feel after numerous saunas and plunges into Burntside's cold, soft, pristine water.

It's the quality of the air. We breath it, feel it AND through which we really hear the tremolo and hoot of the loon.

It's the Aurora Borealis streaking the sky at night.

It's the clarity of the night sky allowing the cloudy beauty of the Milky Way to really be seen.

It's that very special, undisturbed place that simply enables us to have those sweet dreams.

Is it a Resort, Retreat, Lodge, Mission, Lake Cottages, Cabins?

It has certain aspects of all of these. But it's the absence of an exact word that I like.

We all know what it is. Nancy calls it camp. That is perfect!