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May 2002


Hi! My name is Mary and I'm a 7th grader at Valley Middle School in Apple Valley, Minnesota. I vacation with my family at Camp Van Vac in the summer. I met staff at International Wolf Center in Ely with my father Mark Imsdahl recently. In June, my father and I will step into a canoe, then paddle and portage more than 200 miles along the U.S.-Canadian border to raise money for the Wolf Center. If you would like to help, you can donate $30 (just 15 cents per mile) and receive a one-year membership to the Center. Donations up to $1,200 give you lots of benefits, including a week for two at Camp Van Vac in the fall. Just e.mail from this web site and ask about how you, your school, or your business can help.

All proceeds will support the Wolf Center's new Twin Cities outreach educator and help us get a $1,000 matching grant!

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