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Thanks to Camp's spring 2018 Work Weekenders

May 12, 2018

Dear 2018 Work Weekenders,

‘Twas a spring weekend noted for a energetic, hard-working crew and the thick ice remaining on Burntside. Thank you to you all for cheering us on so warmly that the ice finally melted today. You are the best: Casey, Steve and crew, Barb and David, Melissa and Melinda, Bill, Pat, Garrett, Jacque, Dave, Trudi and Carol, Marnie and Liz, Gary and Mike, Olivia and Josh, Dan and Maddie, Elise and Hannah.



You weathered the cool mornings and a sprinkle of rain to accomplish a month’s worth of chores. You split a mountain of wood and a shed full of kindling to keep us toasty all spring, summer and fall. You blew leaves to oblivion off paths, roofs and gutters. Tons of leaves were also raked and hauled. Blankets were inventoried and trekked to cabins. The squirrel-flinging bird feeder, gnome world and grill were expertly assembled. Windows are now so sparkly that from inside we feel like we can reach and touch the trees. And the curtains were hung by the windows with care. Drawers are sporting fresh new paper. Cabin #8’s kitchen is on its way to perfection. Benches were repaired and tee-shirt quilts were hung in cabins. Dishes were washed and the kitchen left in dandy shape.

You fed us elegantly with cake (eat dessert first), cookies and Tobie’s pastry.  We enjoyed breakfast meatloaf and oatmeal bake, summer sausage, brats, potatoes and coleslaw. Don’t forget lentil soup and beef and mushrooms over pasta. Ham sandwiches and chips with dip.

Hearing where everyone had adventured in the last six months-or-so charged our imaginations and wanderlust. Saturday night massage…..mmmmmm. I got to tell a joke (Can you sell me a grape yet?) and we had before and after photos taken. Be sure to check them out (attached). 

Thank you for a terrific start to the 2018 season. Your wood splitting efforts are still helping us heal from the July 2016 storm. All you have accomplished throughout Camp will be appreciated and enjoyed by our guests this summer. Please share this note with folks in your group who may not have left us an email address.

If you want to mark your calendar for fall and pack your sleeping bags, we’d love to see you again. Think October 5-7.