What are your reservation and cancellation policies? See our reservation and cancellation page.

When do we check in and out? Check-in time is between 2 or 3-9 p.m. Please check out by 10 a.m. unless you make special arrangements with us. For those of you who are leaving on Saturday, we ask that you stop in the office to pay your bill on Friday. Minnesota tax is 6.875%, and there is an additional 3% local tax on cabin rentals.

Can we bring a pet? Yes. We ask that dogs be kept on a leash or in firm voice command. Please do not allow pets on the beds unless you bring bedding to cover ours. Dogs shouldn't be left alone in the cabin to bark or try to scratch their way out. Please pick up after them on the paths. In consideration of our bird and chipmunk population, cats should be kept indoors. Please sweep up ALL pet hair in the cabin before you leave. Your pet will be welcome to return if you clean up after it so well that we can’t tell it was here. Pets are not allowed at Aunt Kate's cabin.

What is Aunt Kate's Cabin? Nestled in its own secluded lakeside clearing, this two-story log cabin is furnished with lovely old furniture. It sleeps eight in four bedrooms with three doubles and two single beds. Fresh well water and a water heater make life comfortable. Rent is $1,800 a week in summer and $1,440 in spring and fall. The cabin is available Sunday to Sunday in July and August and for a five-night minimum in May, June and September. Pets are not allowed. This comfortable cabin, where Camp's founders Kate and Van Harris retired, carries a rich measure of history and charm.

Can we bring our own boat? Yes. 

How far are you from town? Ely is a 10-minute drive from Camp and offers a grocery store, several outfitters, fun souvenir shopping and other basic services.

What are work weekends? On the first weekend in May and the first weekend in October, we invite our guests and friends to come up to Camp to work and stay free. We provide meals (except during Covid) and lodging, and our friends help us haul wood, roof a cabin, rake leaves, handle boats, open or close cabins, and do basic maintenance. Story telling, too much food, and great camaraderie are the rule. If you'd like to come, call Nancy jo to confirm dates and/or ask questions. We'd love to have you. Bring work gloves, a sleeping bag, favorite tools, beverages (we provide coffee, milk and juice), and musical instruments. During Covid, bring pillows too. We don't gather for meals, so bring your own food.

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