fishConz2.jpgAnother wonderful visit to our home away from home--Camp Van Vac. I've been coming up to Van Vac since I was a little kid. This year was extra special for us as we were able to bring our almost-2-year-old son, Michael, with us and watch him enjoy all the things we enjoyed . . . and still do! We absolutely love coming to Van Vac every year and rolling down the windows every time we enter the road to the main office and smell the pine trees. We have a boatload of memories up there and treasure them deeply and look forward to creating new memories with our son.

On our last day at Camp, my brother Pat and I went fishing up Dead River and into Twin Lakes to catch some panfish. I had on a small bobber, hook, and worm. Nothing fancy. Right as we were about to head back, my bobber started to move slowly on its own, and slowly disappeared into the dark water. I gave it a tug and knew right away I had something huge pulling on the other end. Keep in mind I was fishing with 4-pound test and a small hook and worm. I wasn't sure what it was until I saw its top fin and immediately knew I had a lunker walleye. As we fought, I ended up handing the rod to my wife and I grabbed the net. Before I knew it, I had the fish in the net and I was holding it down with both hands in my boat. I removed the walleye from the hook, which was barely hooked on its lip, and took some photos. I measured it at 28 inches and about 8.5 pounds. By far the biggest walleye I have ever caught.

~ Nick Conzemius

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