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Work Weekend - Fall 2004

Last fall, the work weekend crew arrived on time to do a mountain of work, Nancy arrived on time to feed everyone, the photos arrived to the webmaster on time, but alas the webmaster was not on time. But now, better late than never, along with heartfelt thanks from all the rest of us who appreciate and benefit from what you all did last fall, are Work Weekend Fall 04 photos:

1. Camp colors were at their peak for work weekend. 2. Looking toward Lost Girl. 3. Saturday was windy and beautiful. 4. Those intriguing pines on the point. 5. Jim Hunt and Miranda George worked steadily on the wood pile. 6. Kevin Cahill joined the wood crew. 7. George McCrea, Kevin, Jim and Miranda in action. 8. Lis McCrea on clean-up crew. 9. David Radtke rebuilt the railing at Cabin 26. 10. Carol Tellett and Cameron McRostie built a new sink cabinet in Cabin 21. 11. Dan Hunt took on a big job -- replacing windows in Cabin 11. 12. You'll have Ruth Katz and Joan Cahill to thank for clean cabin curtains next year. 13. Okay, who put the pumpkins in the pumpkin pie soup? 14. George, the well dressed Camp guy, accessorized in duct tape. 15. Lunch on Sunday. 16. The last of the summer flowers.

The 2005 spring work weekend is on April 30 and May 1; the fall weekend (a week later than usual) on October 8-9. Come and bring your sleeping bag, work gloves, favorite hammer, rake, and beverages. We provide beds, down home food, and good company. Just give us a call and reserve a bed.