Work Weekend - Spring 2009


It was a spring work weekend full of the strange and wonderful: beaver trees, shell roses, and a lot of whacking of small inert wood items with sharp objects.

Volunteers peppered a successful 2009 work weekend with laughs, hard work, and decent--if a bit blustery--weather. This spring, for leaving Camp tidied, me energized, and the rascally squirrel population reduced by two, we owe thanks to: Roberta, Kathy, Stacy, Jim, Carrie, Shannon, Louise, Mike, Jenny, Dave, Trudy, Chad, Becky, Marnie, Margaret, Liz, Dan, Gene, Jim, and for dinner, Kelly and Wilma.

Here’s what they did for Camp: New kitchens in cabins 10 and 12, lots of kindling whacked into submission, paths raked, wood split, hauled and stacked, windows washed and curtains hung, a sturdy Wi-Fi cabin deck, furniture sanded, beaver trees cut and hauled, windows fixed in cabin 16 and a screen in cabin 21, a tidy, spiffy store, and the Van Vac sign and flower box moved to their proper places.

Now, here come the guests!

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